Present:††††††††††† Alvin Willard, Chuck Needham, Kathy Denomme, Richard Beauchamp, Mike McArthur, Rick Lavictoire, Brian Flaxey, George Beasley, Joe Marsh, Gerry Massicotte, Al Jamieson, Doug Douglas, Therese Christo, Gordon Christo, Peter Snowdon, Rachel Rheaume, Rolly Rheaume, Bruce Helbig, Roger Grandmont, Bob Taylor, Claude Denomme, Jim Bonnah, Mike Bonnah, Peggy Knight, Bob Ing, Bill Johnston, Burl Regan, Maurice Guilbeault, Tom Whittle, Bill White, Roy Nightingale, Jim Graydon, Penny Graydon, Stephen Chenier, Wayne Moar, Nancy Forget, Reynald Rivard, Gab Farladeau, Ivan Dewar.


1.†††††††† The meeting was called to order at 2:01 pm

a.Quorum 39 members


2.†††††††† Minutes

a.Approval of minutes from annual meeting April 24, 2008


i.Moved by: Burl Regan

ii.Seconded by: Claude Denomme


b.Business arising from the minutes


i.Bruce Helbig questioned the corporate membership structure for 2008 compared to 2007.


ii. Bill Johnston spoke about speaking to members that have not renewed for 2008.††††††††††††††††††


iii. Bruce Helbig spoke about the plan that should be in place. Mike Bonnah advised that the plan had been started.


iv. Peggy Knight questioned about the problems about the clubhouse manager. George Beasley replied on the steps that were taken to rectify the problem.


v. Bruce Helbig spoke about a monthly fee for the clubhouse. Replied that discussions had taken place but still at the same point.


vi. Discussion also took place onwhat was done to find someone to manage the clubhouse.




3.†††††††† Presidentís Report: See attached

Read by Chuck Needham


4.†††††††† Committee Report: See attached


Membership report read by Joe Marsh

- Questions arose on how to attract new members for next year.

- Steve Chenier spoke about new ways to structure memberships.

- Discussions were heard about family memberships.


Planning report presented by Mike Bonnah

- Questions arose about having equipment from outside sources to do improvements.

- Questions arose about water supply to the clubhouse.

- Discussions arose about volunteer worker bees for improvements.

- Discussions about the leveling of the tee boxes.


Greens report read by Brian Flaxey

- Questions arose about soil samples of greens that were sent away for analysis.

- Discussions arose about joining RCGA for expertise they can supply regarding greens.

- Steve Chenier spoke about the problems with the greens and ways to improve them for next year.

- Bill Johnston spoke about the history of the greens in the past 4 - 5 years and the cycle of what is happening.

- Al Jamieson suggested that greens be checked early Feb - Mar before thaw to either remove snow or ice if needed.

- Bruce Helbig spoke about drainage issues on the greens.


Financial report read by Alvin Willard

- Bruce Helbig questioned the use of carts by employees. Board advised that they will look into the issue for next year.

- Steve Chenier spoke about the problems with the finances for the last 3 years.


a.Moved by Wayne Moar

b.Seconded by Peggy Knight

That the committee reports be accepted as presented.



5.†††††††† Motion to appoint Kemp Elliot and Blair as auditors for next year based on remuneration


a.Moved by: Alvin Willard

b.Seconded by : Bruce Helbig



6.†††††††† Election of Directors: 12 required for the Board


Nominations: Present board accepted renomination.

Gab Farladeau - accepted

Bill Johnston - accepted

Al Jamieson - declined


Moved by: Burl Regan that the nominations be closed.

Seconded by: Doug Douglas


All positions declared by acclamation


7.†††††††† Questions


Discussions about having a one time fee of $20.00 for each member in order to change the carpet in the clubhouse.


Discussion about the parking spots for club champions.


Discussion about booking tee off times more than 2 days.


Discussions arose about calling for tee off times.


Discussions arose about the switching of front and back nines.


Discussions also arose about having bilingual staff in the pro shop as a lot of people from Quebec are not coming to play.


Discussions arose about the range condition and range balls and ways to preserve the range tee offs.


Discussion about staff hiring policies.


8.†††††††† Motion to Adjourn

Moved by Burl Regan that the AGM be adjourned at 3:17 PM.